Office 365-Can’t Live Without It!

I know you’re thinking.. Office 365.. really? Who cares?  I care!  I have been using Microsoft products, well, since the beginning of Microsoft products (okay that’s an exaggeration), and this is one of their best ideas yet.. as far as software goes; Office 365 in the cloud and always available.   It’s compatible with your MAC, your PC, iPhone, and yes.. even Android devices.  You will need to buy the Office 365 Home Premium to use on multiple devices.  That is the coolest feature of all – to be able to use it on every computer, tablet or smartphone that’s been created.

Way cool features:
– Collaboration in real time.
– Skype integration – while you’re in Word, Excel and all the rest.
– Upload your document to OneDrive (part of  Office365) and share the link.
and my personal favorite….
– Work anywhere from any device.

These are just a few of the outstanding features, but check out, TechRadar. They have a very easy-to understand, in-depth review about Office 365.

Office 365 can be purchased on Amazon at a discounted rate, or purchase through Microsoft for a monthly or annual subscription.