What’s that yellow battery bar on my iPhone 6?

You could have an iPhone for years and never know all the little nuances … like the yellow battery bar display. Now I know the yellow battery indicator tells me my phone is on low power mode because it fell below a 20% charge. But… what I didn’t know is that in order for the yellow bar to turn white (like normal), you need to have charged your phone above 80%…that’s a nuance!

Disable some of the features, functionality, or apps that are causing the drain and you might still have some battery life left at the end of the work day.

Turn it Upside Down. Did you know that turning your phone face-down will save some battery power? By turning your phone face-down, your display will not come on and you won’t receive any notifications – saving power! Right on!

Use Auto-Brightness. Do you really need your screen screaming bright? If you enable auto-brightness under Settings/Display & Brightness, you can save some battery power.  Swipe up from the bottom to manually adjust the brightness level if you want it bright; the brighter your display, the faster your battery is draining.

Start Low-Power Mode Manually. You can always activate your low-power mode manually if you want to make sure your battery life carries you through the day – especially if you forgot your adapter at home.  Open Settings, scroll down to Battery and activate the “Low Power Mode” slider to enable it.  Your battery indicator bar will turn yellow when enabled.

Facebook could also be the culprit of your battery drain.  I’m not discussing Facebook on this blog post, but check out The Daily Dot  – they have a great article about Facebook stealing your phone’s battery life.